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Get the safety and supply benefits of outsource facility compounding while reducing your overall compounded medication expense.
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Founded by pharmacy leaders who understand the many challenges facing US hospitals & healthcare systems. From securing your drug supply chain to cost containment, we work to achieve your goals. Sterile-to-Sterile, API-to-Sterile & Biologic compounding produced with industry-leading automation, quality & customer service.

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Our products are one-hundred percent sterilized
Our Facility + Equipment
We use the Latest Technologies and Equipment
Our Facility
Every product we compound is validated, tested, and approved for use by our independent cGMP certified Quality Unit. Our chemistry and microbiology teams use the latest technologies and equipment, such as Ultra High Liquid Chromotography (UPLC) for our API and product potency testing and Rapid Microbiology Testing for our product sterility testing and our constant surveillance of our production environment surface and air sample testing.
Our Equipment
We use robotics automation enclosed in RABS (Restricted Access Barrier Systems) that provide redundant HEPA air filtration and one of the highest degrees of safety and sterility in production. Couple this with our in-line terminal filtration sterilization system, which means that 100% of our sterile products are sterilized at the moment your syringe or IV bag is filled.

The Annovex team understands the challenges faced by healthcare providers and works tirelessly to develop innovative solutions and ancillary services to meet the needs of our customers.

Dayo Akinbi • Founder & CEO