Why Annovex ?

Your 503B compounding partner

We understand what it takes to produce the highest quality products available from a 503B compounding partner. Every employee involved in the production of our products is cGMP trained and certified in an accredited cGMP program.
Our Commitment
Compounding products precisely when you need them.

We are changing the 503B experience and are working to provide you a true partnership, with our goals aligning with your goals.

We know price matters
We know reliability matters
What matters to you, matters to Us


In a matter of months, we've already gathered a large base of interested customers.
The Annovex Advantage
Get the safety and supply benefits of outsource facility compounding while reducing your overall compounded medication expense.
Integrated Services
We know there is a never ending stream of problems and challenges that must be managed each and every day. We strive to bring solutions to your compounding needs and service line support.


Our team understand the challenges hospital pharmacies face with supply chain interruptions, product delivery delays, allocations, and pharmaceutical price concerns.

The Annovex team understands the challenges faced by healthcare providers and work tirelessly to develop innovative solutions and ancillary services to meet the needs of our customers

Dayo Akinbi • Founder & CEO